Chris Swanson | Creative Director

Mortal Kombat X | Beyond Kombat


To promote the DLC for Mortal Kombat X, we created a video series of mockumentary shorts that took fans behind the game’s blood-soaked curtains to meet those who keep Kombat going. Who prepares the illustrious fighters, treats their gory wounds or cleans up the inevitable (and copious) amount of blood? Well, it's time to go Beyond Kombat to meet The Trainer, The Doctor and the Janitor. And while these characters didn't appear in the actual game, creating them gave us a way to engage fans around the violence they love and answer the questions we've all thought about, but never really asked.

The content scored one of the highest like-to-view ratios ever on Mortal Kombat’s Facebook channel with 7+ million views network-wide, becoming a best performer on the channel with a 75% completion rate. MKX broke records of its own, topping global sales charts for the first half of 2015 and becoming the #1 PS4 fighting game of 2015.

**Gold Addy Award Winner – Internet Commercial Campaign, Los Angeles 2016
**Gold Award Winner – Game Marketing Awards 2016, Best Copywriting

// role: creative direction, concept, script development, casting, art department, props, post production
// team credit: Corbett Trubey, Jordan Atlas, Taylor Rhoads
// director: Dan Sully
// production: Tool
// post & editing: No6