Chris Swanson | Creative Director

Girl Rising


Girl Rising is a feature film documenting the stories of young girls in beyond challenging circumstances around the world. It demonstrates the impact education has exponentially throughout the world. Our challenge was to create social media tactics to drive ticket sales and promote awareness.

Leveraging Twitter, Facebook, Thunderclap, and Gathr we saw vast results as far as celebrity participation and social reach. In a mere couple weeks, over 85k tickets had been purchased for 1k Gathr screenings, an increase of 50k Facebook fans and 3k Twitter followers, and the Thunderclap blast saw a social reach of almost 4 million.

// role: art direction – concept, design, production
// team credit: Angelina Springer (AD), Corbett Trubey,(CW) Julie Frazie (CD) & Lauren Tyrrell (CW)