Chris Swanson | Creative Director


It's Been A Minute...

But damnit, I will get back into posting here. With life picking up both professionally and personally it's not been the priority to post here but I miss it. So it's time to get back into the groove. First order of business is a new move to a new place in the beautiful city of San Francisco. Ok, well it's only 6 blocks from where I resided, but to have the space to finally do what I want with the interior is an artist's wet dream. It's happening, starting this weekend and then comes paint decisions, art projects and the inevitable "constructive conversations", that I will win with the bf. Just saying. Once some things come along in the new place I will post some pictures of the process and influence.

Until then, here's a piece I found by an artist named Eric Lopez ( Based out of Atlanta. Love the yellow and black, and of course the elephant. Would ideally love to get this printed and framed for somewhere in the house.

Chris Swanson