Chris Swanson | Creative Director


Packaging That Is Helping The Environment

I love package design and appreciate even more when it is helping the environment. This new design from Method recycles plastic collected from the ocean to create their bottle. Now I thought about this and they speak to it in the article but, wouldn't using plastic to make plastic be continuing the cycle in some ways? Appreciate their response and efforts. 

Straight from the article, here's what they said, "Through this new + innovative use of recovered ocean plastic, we hope to show how design can be used to tackle environmental problems. We're not saying that the solution to the ocean plastic problem is making bottles out of trash, but by doing so we can prove that there are alternatives to using virgin materiels - like PCR plastic, which we use in all of our bottles. By recycling + reusing existing plastic bottles, we can turn off the tap. An that is the first, most important step toward improving the state of our oceans."

Chris Swanson