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Going Beyond The Team

This is one of those posts where I talk more about my own life than what I'm observing. I previously posted the 'It Gets Better' video that I was fortunate to be a part of in association with my soccer club, the SF Spikes. After that was produced, Tim Kulikowski, the director (and a fellow Spike) wanted to go further. He set out to make a short film of how being a part of the SF Spikes has influenced us off the pitch. 5 of us were chosen from the previous to tell a bit of our story and let the cameras into our personal lives. For me this included my boyfriend, the parental units, my brother and even a very close family friend, who we'll call "Little J". Both of our families have grown up together and he has more recently come out of the closet. This allows me to offer support and guidance to him in his youthful age, Something at 18 and 19 I didn't have. That said, the film was submitted and accepted to the LGBT Film Festival, Frameline36. It will be shown with a couple other sports related films and I encourage anyone who can make the screening to come out. The link to buy tickets is below, as well as the movie poster/postcard that I designed with the director for promotional use.

It's a bit weird seeing myself on film in a room with 4 people, but now this is going to be in a 450-seat theatre, shown over Pride weekend, this coming Saturday, 6/23. Going to be interesting as I'm sure my father might get embarrassed. My mother was a natural and having my little brother be a part of it is huge. I'm very honored to have been a part of this. For the rest on the film, well, you'll just have to come see it on the silver screen!

Beyond The Team Movie Postcard


Chris Swanson