Chris Swanson | Creative Director


Cookies Are Gay

Well, at least in this case they might be. Looks like Oreo has stirred up some serious controversy with their support of the LGBT community and this little ad. I say way to go. Supporting what you believe in as a company. Despite the backlash, you have gained far more support from the likes of us, not only in the community, but those who will continue to push the communication boundaries. Those who dare to put themselves out there. I commend the Kraft food company for sticking to their guns and running with it. Hell, they've sure gotten some press around it (and working towards almost a quarter of a million likes in 48 hours).

Below is the simple and well done execution, straight from their Facebook page. Also included the article from the Huffington Post on the swirl of upset cookie eaters who seem to have a problem with colored frosting. Too bad, just means more for us!


Chris Swanson