Chris Swanson | Creative Director


A "Dream" Weekend & A Promise For 2011?

He had a dream, and I have many, most of which I can't share, and as we enter into another fantastic year (yeah, it will be, because I'm going to make it), we're celebrating this holiday weekend by bringing another fundraiser event for the San Francisco Spikes Soccer Club. Of course I'm going to promote my team (also because of the flyer design), and of course it's going to be the first thing in 2011 that I've posted (because I am that behind on updating this blog).

Admittedly being very behind in these posts, I thought it was about time to start updating and making this blog what it was originally intended - about my life, and my creative influence. Thus, more regular postings to come... PROMISE.

Until then, enjoy a flyer with info on an always entertaining event. If you can make it, be there. It's going to get crazy... and a lot of you have Monday off, so you can fully partake in the festivities! You know you want to!
Chris Swanson