Chris Swanson | Creative Director


Community Driven

I have, more so now than ever, an extreme appreciation for my community. Those in it, what they stand for and what we all do to improve it. That's why over a year ago I enrolled in an HIV vaccine study with the San Francisco Department of Public Health. As the HIV disease has become more present in my life and those around me, I have found that it is very important and near to my heart to get involved. People ask about the study - they wonder what it's about, some have preconceived notions, many want to know more - the reactions go on in all directions. One thing remains the same. No matter their orientation or viewpoint - I have the opportunity to educate.

If it mattered what was going to be thought about me, I wouldn't offer to put my face and my story out to the world for all to see. This is about doing what I can to connect with others to educate the community. I have never been so close to this disease before in my life. I am HIV negative and have many close friends who are HIV positive. I do this for them. I do this for those who don't know much about HIV. I do this because I want to make a change. The ad campaign with the Study is only the beginning and can't wait for what I have in the works for down the road.

If you're interested, check out the profile on me HERE. The ad is below. Sorry for the scan quality, but that's what I got, damnit! And next time you are loading up your Clipper card in the Church or Castro muni stations, you just might see my face.

Chris Swanson