Chris Swanson | Creative Director


A Story for the Youth?

As I was visiting my grandma last weekend, my mother was telling me a story I had never heard about my my little brother and how children deal with death (I can't tell you the story, it ruins my plans for it). It's been a 12 year brewing idea my mom has had to write a book based on this story.

Why does this mean anything at the moment? Well she has a wonderful story, it's my mom, and the whole idea she has for the book is fantastic.

With a feeling lately that I am craving something, I came to realize what it is... creativity. I need it and am going on a hunt. I need a constant feeling of being creatively satisfied. I want to help her craft this book, and I will. Just need to get her going on writing it all down...

Keep an eye out... I might very well be a published collaborator of a children's book in the future.

Chris Swanson