Chris Swanson | Creative Director


Jock Sunday - Round #2

This weekend will mark the second time that the San Francisco Spikes will be hosting the Jock Sunday event at the Lookout here in SF. Many of you who know me as of late, have seen me (or not, now that I think about it) with the amount I have taken on at work with my new job, and trying to manage the administrative and volunteering duties (as I have before) for VICE, but to benefit the SF SPikes Club as a whole.

Well, it wouldn't be the same if it wasn't another fundraiser, and then one immediately to follow... so start off by swinging through this Sunday, the 19th of Sept. at the Lookout. Hang out with a great group of hot guys, have some drinks, and relax on a Sunday afternoon. Plus you'll be helping support our club, and the work we get to do in the community.

Then... end of September (the 26th), we expect to see you all at our Folsom Street Fair booth!

Chris Swanson