Chris Swanson | Creative Director


Creativity Actualized

It's been a process to get this completed... But i did it. Starting as a sentimental anniversary gift it manifested into much much more... almost a self accomplishment piece. For quite some time, outside of school, freelance or the things i create for work I've been wanting to complete a personal project. Who has time for that?! You have to make time... Abstract in nature with personal elements tied into the composition, its something I'm very proud of. Now I'm on to the next one. No rest... And since I've been blessed that others have contacted me to do some pieces for them it is only the beginning.

Oh, and before i forget. A huge thanks to the team at Canvaspop. It was my first design-to-canvas print and they worked with me to make sure it was what I envisioned. And as an artist that goes a long way.

Chris Swanson