Chris Swanson | Creative Director


The Octopus, Session #1

I've wanted a number of tattoos for quite some time. I finally this year have started that ball rolling and began with a piece of work that's been on my mind for 6+ years now. An octopus, on my left arm and shoulder. Why an octopus? But don't you love elephants? Yes. I do love elephants and when I figure out exactly what I want for that tattoo, I'll do it (it must be perfect ya know). Until then Im completing the octopus with a friend from college. Kevin Pulido. Check him out on Instagram (@kevindcsf).

And here's some of the shots of the first session, in process and after. Still got at least 2-3 more sessions before this sucker has been completed and I can't wait.

// credit: Kevin Pulido @ Diamond Club Tattoo Studio


Chris Swanson