Chris Swanson | Creative Director


Aftershock 2013

Some kind of withdrawal. It's been happening for far too long. What's been missing in my life? Oh, yes. METAL. Well, I made sure I took that back into my own hands and it started with this past weekend with Aftershock 2013. Sacramento, CA housed this 2-day festival that was just what I needed. Soo many good bands like Megadeth, A Day To Remember, All That Remains, A7X, Five Finger Death Punch and Korn (who killed it). Then there was the weather, the company (new and old), the guitar solos and concert firsts. It was exactly the injection I've been craving.

Check out some of the shots from my Instagram feed (@SFAdMan) and stay tuned for the next round of metal mayhem. I mean we've got Slayer, GWAR, Lamb of God and Killswitch Engage coming up just around the corner.

It's about the get heavy \m/

Chris Swanson