Chris Swanson | Creative Director


Homeless Apparel

Im sure you've heard about all the A&F controversy around their-not-so-handsome-himself-caveman-related CEO and his ridiculous reason to why he does and promotes the brand the way he does (in order to keep the "cool kids" wearing his shitty clothes).

I applaude Greg Karber and his efforts to recycle (and not burn) the old A&F apparel by clothing those in need, the homeless. While I support someone owning and operating their business the way they see fit – I mean it is their business – when I heard that they burn the clothes, instead of donating, it pushed me over the edge. You can do what you want... to an extent. I dont have to support your brand if I don't agree, it's my right. But when your decisions become downright wasteful and untactful, it goes without saying that you've lost my support (for the record, you never had it A&F). I will personally be nabbing every piece of A&F I find and promptly distributing or donating to homeless shelters.

Check out Greg's brief video below documenting his first efforts to change the brand. Seriously go grab those garments and get them into the hands of those in need. Very interesting how social media has an impact. Something that was never a part of our everyday years ago. Also, how the consumer can take the brand image into their own hands. It'll be interesting to see how this develops and it definitely got my attention.

// credit: Huffington Post

....BUT on a lighter note, all this A&F talk reminds me of the old Mad TV skits. Check some of them out if you haven't seen them.. and really, it provides good fodder about all this nonsense and continues to shine light on this ridiculous brand.

Chris Swanson