Chris Swanson | Creative Director


Edward Tufte

I attended a single day course from Edward Tufte at the Westin in San Francisco. In hopes of gaining some useful information around the presentation of information, visual communication and effective presentations. That I did. As well as overall just having a great experience getting out of the agency, and learning something. I love learning, and have since college only attended small events here and there.

I mean hell, it came with 4 of his illustrious books, 2 sections of time that he went through his principles  findings and teachings. While I would say 80% of what he delivered was of use to me personally, I'm hoping to bring some of what I gathered into my own freelance and future work at agencies.

It was great and below I've dropped some of the charts we looked at, a link to his site, and more. Another person's point of view (and after teaching it for 40 years) is viable. While I may not use everything he brought forth, there was some essential points that are going to be key in my assessment and creation moving forward.

Edward Tufte

Chris Swanson