Chris Swanson | Creative Director


The Man Of Men

Prostate cancer is no joke amongst men... not what you thought this post was going to be about did you? Well, it is. More so, the new identity I came across (thanks to LogoDesignLove), including a video composition that showcases Prostate Cancer UK's new branding. I think it's an important topic rarely discussed, at least in the young culture that I'm a part of. Below is the new identity and the video. Take a look at their new webpage here.

“We have chosen our new identity to help us raise our voice, raise our game and reach more men. Urgently. Prostate cancer is predicted to become the most common cancer by 2030. Yet many men are unaware of the disease and research is still badly underfunded. We believe men deserve better. With our bold new identity and approach we will fight for this.” - Prostate Cancer UK

Chris Swanson