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It's Happening Again And You've Been Warned

The time is fast approaching for yet another Spikes Soccer Club fundraiser. Now I started this event with the backing of the Spikes club and crew at SoMa bar Powerhouse, almost a year to the date that this next one will occur. It's been a huge success and I want to give a sincere thanks to those who have helped out with all 3 thus far in any capacity. We couldn't have done these so successfully without everyones help. Plus it provides great 'team bonding' and gets us out of the normal Castro crowd to change things up. And yes, 'team bonding' can be taken in many ways, but no, pervert, I was talking about camaraderie and socializing over adult beverages. I don't know what you were thinking... Oh hell, who am I kidding. Everyone lets their hair down and has a blast w/ a lot of team gossip post-event. Surprised? Yeah, don't be. Man I love this club.

Now let's get down and dirty and raise some funds!
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Flyer and photo by yours truly.

Chris Swanson