Chris Swanson | Creative Director


Pin What? Pin It Where? Ok, I'm Addicted.

This new phenomenon that has taken the interwebs by storm... Pintrest. At first, I was like a child figuring out how the things in the world work. New sights, sounds, interaction and relation... and my first thought when coming across this new social outlet was, "pin what? pin it where? what's the point? I'm confused.." which then quickly and probably only for a limited amount of time has become, "pin it. I need to pin that... how do I get the Pin button on my taskbar? Ok, I'm addicted..".

At first glance I'm not sure where this new network will net out in the long run, but at least for now it's going to be interested to see where it goes.

And you can follow my useless pins by searching for "Christopher Swanson" on Pintrest.
Chris Swanson