Chris Swanson | Creative Director


Turkey In The Desert

For the first time, I was venturing out of California for a holiday. Thanksgiving this year was with the bf's family (for the first time)... in the desert. Phoenix, AZ to be exact. It was an adventure full of Peruvian cuisine, Guatemalan rum, brothers, sisters, parents, nieces, nephews, a bear-dog, gay bars, a bout with food poisoning (no, the family didn't do it to me), and then a 15 hour drive back to SF.

I for some reason didn't take into consideration the fact that when I got off the plane, I saw cactus. Didn't really think about the fact that I was going to actual desert, 100%, no ifs ands or buts.

Had a killer time, wouldn't change it for the world. That said, I will never be moving to Arizona. seriously, it's too flat, you need to drive EVERYWHERE, and well, I'm sure I'll melt when it's 110 degrees.

But thank you Arizona for the self realization and the fantastic holiday weather. Oh, and the cactus. I was thoroughly entertained.
Chris Swanson