Chris Swanson | Creative Director


Seriously, It Gets Better.

Many have already seen this, but I want to continue to spread the message and have yet to post this in my very own blog. It's something that I hold very close to me and am very proud to be a part of.

We all have a unique story. It's amazing. This is not contingent on race, gender, sexuality, religion, or age. For those who are young, and gay, and subject to bullying, there can seem like no end in sight to the torture, worry, anxiety and doubt that are daily experiences. I've endured this myself, and with the 'It Gets Better' Project, there was an opportunity to speak up. To tell my story in hopes that it will resonate with those who are looking for hope. To not give up, to continue marching on, realizing how utterly amazing this life is, and that they are as human beings.

My soccer club (The San Francisco Spikes) took the initiative to make our own video. To show not only our stories, but to provide a video by a gay sports team. Something not always directly associated with the LGBT community as much as other stereotypes. This was very important to us and couldn't be more proud of the results. A HUGE thank you to the crew who worked on this, the club for sponsoring, and Tim Kulikowski, a teammate and friend, for directing this effort.

The video posted on the 'It Gets Better' Project page

And here's the short version on the 'It Gets Better' YouTube Channel

Watch it. Enjoy it. Spread it around.... oh, and don't ask me, "How gay are you?". Just watch the video. I'm sure you can figure it out.
Chris Swanson