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Tough Mudder?!

Sounds crazy, and IS. I had been considering a marathon as a goal I wanted to accomplish this year. It was something to train for, and see all the way through to fruition. However, I wasn't satisfied with just running (no offense at all to those who run them, my hat goes off to you). I was interested in something more... and when I had gotten busy with life (or maybe my short attention span), A great friend/trainer/rocker posted something on his Facebook about Tough Mudder. I checked it out, and bingo! Exactly what I was looking for.

The event falls in October, so that gives our team a solid 5 months to train. Now, having 2 personal trainers on the team, other marathon runners, and fit people makes for a nice balance (plus they can carry me when I collapse). Now I must ensure that I uphold my weight. It's going to be rough, but SO worth it. The course is 7 miles in Bear Valley, and includes everything from crawling through muddy tunnels, climbing over redwoods, fences, giant spools of cable, and even a school bus, and don't forget running through fire! I was looking for a challenge, and I think I found it, haha. It'll be a great way to get me back into shape (note: soccer definitely helps also, than you Spikes/VICE), and really push myself; mentally, emotionally, and of course physically.

What I'm also looking forward to is upon completion, aside from the party, there just happens to be a tattoo artist. Provided I finish, I will most definitely opt in to be branded with the Tough Mudder insignia. A symbol of accomplishment is in order. But ONLY if I complete the entire course... excuse me, I meant to say WHEN I complete it.

So the training must begin. It's time to swim in the bay, run though the hills all over the bay area, and hold on for dear life! This is going to be wicked...

And in case you're curious like I was about this whole mess, check it out!
Bear Valley Course
Tough Mudder
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