Chris Swanson | Creative Director


On the Flipside

So it wasn't long ago that I started this blog, and with it, I introduced you all to a couple of words that I wasn't fond of (those of you who know me well don't even need to reference that post). Now, on the flipside, I thought I would bring to light some of the words and/or statements that I have been fond of lately. Whether a newly introduced word to my vocabulary by someone in my life, or something that I have found myself using for a while now, they are all fantastic. Yet again I find myself digressing...

Amazeballs - This word can be used at any time to describe the most amazing of times you have experienced. You know it, and I think you should use it. Sometimes life has those times/things that are just, well... AMAZEBALLS!

Shitiot - Thank you K.Tomas. talk about one of the most concise words used lately. It is succinct and to the point. My favorite word as of yet. So much so that I might have introduced everyone that I come in contact recently to it. It is so good that there doesn't even need to be an example of how to use it, because if it needed one, it wouldn't be that great.

point.blank.period. - Talk about straight to the 'point'. This is a phrase that should be added to a statement to emphasize your point... for example, "You shouldn't be wearing that shirt, point.blank.period" It helps put your point to rest, with no questions asked... with no room for discussion.

Irrelevant (see also: "That's Irrelevant") Everyone knows that I use it frequently in many circumstances throughout life and conversation(s). It's meant for multipurpose use. It helps get out of many a conversation. Like a roadblock in someone's verbal assualt. It's not only an answer, but also a deterrant.

Balls - This is a multipurpose word as well. When you're frustrated, irritated, or down right upset. Just like another, more harsh word in our vocab, this can substitute and sometimes out perform the other for expression of accurate emotions.

There are more to come over time, so keep your eyes and ears open.
Chris Swanson