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Do You Really Need That?!

I was recently noticing how much 'crap' we go through daily, how many things we hoard thinking that we may use it some day soon... when you know down right that you haven't touched it in 6 months, or even remembered you had it until you stumbled upon it yesterday (hey, I'm guilty). It's time to clean things up, reuse, and really recycle those things we can, that we know could be put to better use. Which brings me to this link for a video I found. Now I don't check this website out as much as I should, or like to. But when I get the chance, I always stumble across things I really like, and thus want to share with others. This time it was something for the youth of our world actually (don't make the noise when something sounds cheesy, because I know you did when you read that last sentence).

Nothing overly glamourous, polished, or stylized. However, the message, and inspiring nature of a form of recycling through design materials into a solid learning tool was phenomenal. Please take a moment to check out the link for the video. Share what you think, and then take something you can get rid of, and recycle it in a new way. I dare you...

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