Chris Swanson | Creative Director


Me, Moving, And A Master's Degree?

So as of late I have been giving thought a lot to the idea of moving. Out of the comfort zone that I have known my entire life. It's been a rollercoaster of ups and downs to say the least. An evolutionary road of self discovery, and it has come that a new chapter is coming into fruition. The biggest contender on my list for the city change... Chicago. It seems to be my first choice. Whether it is the friends that I have made while on holiday there, and those I've known to move there already... Or maybe the fact that I keep going back in the first place and never wanting to leave. I won't lie, New York is also a city for which both my heart and mind yearn to explore. I'm forever in search of things to keep my knowledge increasing, my experiences flourishing, and successes happening. I can see both in my future, but after seeing this new Master's in Branding program available in NY at the School of Visual Arts I am really taking into account what it is that I really want out of life. Upon graduation, and throughout the last 5 months, having not landed the industry gig just yet, a sense of reflection has come over me. Not in any way a bad thing, but an honest awakening to what my goals are. What aspirations I have for myself, and more importantly, for my future. I will undoubtedly miss the family, friends, and foundation I have established in San Francisco, but I know that I will inevitabley return to the 'City by the Bay' at some point in my life. I mean this IS my first home, and damnit... I LOVE THIS CITY!

A friend, and former teacher in college once told me something as we left from a mountain retreat that comes to mind right now... 'In order to say hello again, you must first say goodbye'.

It is essential for me to grow as an individual, professional, and a genuine lover of life, that I make a move... sooner rather than later. I would not be able to accept that one day, as I'm on my death bed, looking back, and wondering why I never gave it a shot. I settled, in one area, my entire life. That WILL NOT be the case with this wicked ride. And to add to my appreaciation for my current residence, I need to be without it to truely respect and acknowledge it.

What the future holds... as cliche as it sounds it rings loud and clear... that only time will tell.

This has been the most personal and more 'serious' post I've had on this blog, and I sincerely appreciate those who take the time to read it.
Chris Swanson