Chris Swanson | Creative Director



A couple quick things design related that I think are worth checking out...

Books/Annuals like Communication Arts, and others that bring to the masses the best in design are a great reference, tool, and look into what's being done. I've mentioned the Dieline before for package design, but I want to point out their new release. It's called "Box, Bottle, Bag", and I can't wait for my copy.

Another collateral design blog entry that I think is worth checking out is the following link from YouTheDesigner. A good friend, and fantastic designer, Cortney Cassidy posted this link off of her Facebook, and I love it. Check out the 83 Crazy/Beautiful designs. Well worth peruising over it.

So there you have it. Some design stuff for you to indulge in. Soak it up, and get to designing something phenomenal!
I got more on the Spikes coming up, so keep your eyes peeled!!
Chris Swanson