Chris Swanson | Creative Director


It's Hid... in the Lid

So when I find new things, I naturally want to share them with others... ok, well maybe not everyone (or everything)...

Given that I have been trying to take my health into consideration more in 2010 (isn't everyone?!), I was introduced to the
Activate Drinks by a coworker and good friend (you know who you are... Washington D.C.). Now I am fond of the packaging, but more intrigued with the concept and how that plays into the execution of the packaging, branding, and actual product overall.
The tagline struck me (not in the best of ways either), '
It's Hid in the Lid'. I get that you are trying to rhyme, clever. It does make sense to the product, but sounds like something you mention when talking about a new engine and doesn't roll off the tongue like I want it to [insert crude joke here]. It's the concept for this round of vitamin waters that was a bit more interesting to me. According to Activate, normally the vitamins deteriorate when they sit in water. Thus, they keep them separate in the cap of the drink... giving you 'control' as to put them into it. You twist the top, and it's a release of vitamin goodness. See the picture below for packaging, etc.
In a sick little way I'll admit it, they got me. It worked, ok, I give in. I like your product... but will I make the conscious effort to buy it? That's the question. Kudos on the concept, let's see how it plays out in the fitness 'craze' that has been playing out with society as of late. Maybe we'll see people, like usual purchasing a product to put forth the image of being healthy... hello! There's more to it than wearing track pants, carrying around a vitamin water and a sweat towel, but I'm sure we all already knew that.

Chris Swanson